Collaboration, sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

We are passionate about the development and impact of our knowledge and how, in partnership, we can apply this to real challenges.

Maritime education
  • Norwegian Shipowners Association
  • DNV Maritime Industry
  • International Maritime Employers’ Committee Limited
  • Briese Shipping BV
  • Norwegian Training Center – Manila
  • Kongsberg Maritime
  • Interorient Maritime
  • AG & P

Computer studies
  • Cisco Systems, Inc
  • NEC Philippines, Inc.
  • IBM – Philippines

Affiliated shipping companies

For Cadetship Program
(12 months onboard ship with monthly allowance for international shipping companies, Following 3-1 curriculum)

  • Anscor Swire Shipmanagement Corp.
  • Astra Marine International, Inc.
  • Astro Shipmanagement Phils., Inc.
  • Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM)
  • Crewcare Inc.
  • Elburg Ship Management Phils. Inc.
  • Korpil Shipmanagement and Manning Corporation
  • Maersk – Filipinas Crewing Inc.
  • Ventis Maritime Corporation
  • V-Ships/POMI

For scholarship program
(Grant dependent on company)

  • Anglo-Eastern Crew Management (free tuition for 3rd yr)
  • Briese Schiffahrts Gmbh & Co. KG/ Heavylift Manila, Inc. (full free tuition 1st-4th yr, board and lodging)
  • Dalisay Shipping Corporation (free tuition and maritime upgrading courses/trainings)
  • EZ Maritime Services Corporation (free tuition for second sem.-3rd yr.)
  • Fil-Star Maritime Corporation (stipend given directly to student, he will be the one to pay the school thru the money sent by the company to his personal atm)
  • Idemitsu Tanker Co., Ltd/ Pilipinas Crown Maritime, Inc. (free tuition and maritime upgrading courses/ trainings)
  • Interorient Navigation Co. Phils., Inc. (INC) (with tuition, allowance, board and lodging)
  • K-Line Maritime Academy Phils. Inc. (free tuition for 2nd to 4th year)
  • Marlow Navigation Phils., Inc.(study now pay later)
  • IMS Philippines Maritime Corp. (formerly Pobar Marine Services) (with tuition, personal allowance, board and lodging)
  • Stolt-Nielsen Philippines Inc. (free tuition and trainings)
  • Torm Shipping Phils., Inc. (free tuition)

IMEC member companies
  • Ahrenkiel Shipmanagement
  • Anglo Atlantic Steamship
  • Anglo Eastern Ship Management
  • Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Cyprus)
  • Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (India)
  • Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (IOM)
  • CMA Ships SA
  • CMA Ships UC Limited
  • Delta Marine Personnel Services Ltd.
  • Dohle (IOM) Limited
  • Epsilon Hellas (Overseas) Ltd
  • Friendly Maritime C/C Angelicoussis Group
  • Intership Navigation Co. Ltd
  • J Lauritzen
  • Lauritzen Kosan A/S Copenhagen
  • Lydia Mar Shipping Co. S.A./ Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc.
  • Maestro Ship Management Ltd.
  • Marlow Navigation Co. Ltd.
  • Nordic Tankers Marine A/S
  • Portunato & Cie
  • Seaspan
  • Sirius Shipmanagement
  • Teekay
  • Thome Ship Management PTE Ltd
  • Trans Ocean Shippiang
  • Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement (TCM) Ltd
  • Unisea Shipping Ltd
  • V-Ships
  • Wallem Shipmanagement Ltd
  • Western Shipping
  • Western Shipping PTE Ltd