Athletics Office

The University of Cebu Athletics Office prepares athletics and sports programs for the benefit of students, faculty and school personnel. The office likewise, directs the activities of official athletic teams and supervises their trainings for their participation in local, national and international competitions. All these years, the Athletics Department is a stronghold of the University having reaped accolades and honor in the line of sports, and have produced athletes who have made the country proud in international sports competitions.”

“The Athletics Department also organizes sports activities in the campus for the students and employees , as well as assist them by providing sports equipments, game officials and at times financial support, if necessary.”

“Other than the in-school services of the Athletics Department, it also extends through its outreach program to the various adapted communities and organizations Sports Clinic, Seminars, lending of sports equipment, assisting in the securing of sports equipments and at times play exhibition games for entertainment.”

Varsity players and athletes under the Department are given the following privileges:
  1. Scholarship grants which may range from 20% Tuition Discount to Full-Free scholarship however subject to rules promulgated by the UC Scholarship Office;
  2. Free travel and financial subsidies and allowances during competitions;
  3. Free practice and competition uniforms;
  4. Financial incentives for those raking awards and honors during sports competitions here and abroad;
  5. Free medical assistance and health/accident insurance for the duration of an athletes membership to the varsity team.

University of Cebu has the following events with Varsity Team:
  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Table Tennis
  • Karatedo
  • Chess
  • Sepak Takraw
  • Swimming

For inquiries, visit:

Bernardino Ricablanca Jr.
Athletics Director
Cebu Coliseum
Sanciangko St., Cebu City