Guidance services

The Guidance Center believes that each person is unique. It is anchored on the optimum view that man is capable of becoming. It practices the principle of answering the need that evokes practicality and urgency. And Conscious of the schools’ objectives to attain academic excellence and character formation, addressing concerns that are urgent and practical can be effective vehicle for realizing these aims.


“We envision the clients to be self-directed, self-reliant individuals with wholesome psychological integration ready to assume leadership roles and active involvement in the community where they belong.”


We therefore, commit ourselves to help our clients attain:

  • Continuous self-awareness leading to self-competence;
  • Cultivation of responsiblility in words and deeds;
  • Internalization of moreal values; and
  • Well-balanced personality.


A. Appraisal & Inventory Service
“This is a service which provides a synthesis about the individual which can be used to gain an understanding of himself as he is potentially capable of becoming. Provides objective data about the client regarding his abilities, aptitude, achievement, intelligence and personality traits in addition to information obtained from interviews, reports and other sources.”

  • Testing
  • Administration of SPP & Needs Assessment Survey
  • Update of Students Cumulative Records

B. Information Service
“To provide progressive personal growth and development of skills, talents, habits and values through intensive training and development seminars. This service provides available information to the clients who are classified as occupational, educational and personal-social.”

  • Orientation & Guidance Awareness Campaign
  • Seminars, Training/Workshops

C. Counseling Service (The heart of Guidance Services)
“The major goal of this service is to help individual become the person he is capable of becoming. It employs a variety of techniques to better serve the clientele. Counseling can be individual or group. Referred or voluntary.”

  • Interaction with freshmen
  • Career Counseling
  • Individual and Group Counseling (Walk-in, Referral)
  • Parents and Teacher Conferences
  • Exit Interview & Employment Counseling

D. Follow – Up Service
“It is concerned with what happens to students while in school particularly the monitoring of behaviors and factors affecting academic performance of students.”

  • Interview and Recommendation for Readmission of Absentee Students
  • Academic Follow-up and Educational Counseling
  • Interaction and Follow-up of Academic Scholars

“We can’t keep your feet from stumbling, we can only offer our hands that you may grasp so that you won’t fall.”