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Dean’s Message

Cyber technology is a phenomenon that has no clear parallel in the nonvirtual world. It is a distinct honor and pride for a College of Law Dean to witness, under his watch, the unraveling of a pioneering spirit and a mindset of connectivity among the law students of the University of Cebu. While Law admittedly has to catch up with the rapid advances of technology, and substantial number of the members of the legal profession still have to enhance their IT competency, at our College – a rare and remarkable development has occurred. Our cyber space is conceptualized, created and administered by our own students who pooled their talent, energy, experiences and determination for the birth of our virtual home at the UC Law website. As students of law, whose primary mandate is the promotion of the Rule of Law and administration of justice, let us all harness the benefits of information technology, exchange more information, and fuse them with our knowledge of the law and most important, share them, especially with those who have no voices – as yet – in governance.

Atty. Baldomero Estenzo – UC College of Law Dean