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Nursing Students

Be in-demand! Study Nursing, Midwifery, Health Aide & Caregiving at UC!
  • Established since 1964
  • Nursing course in two very accessible campuses: UC-Banilad and UC – Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue
  • Excellent and world-class training facilities
  • With base training hospital: the University of Cebu Medical Center
  • Very impressive board examinations performance with topnotchers since 1988 until the present
  • Offers very rich and very adequate related learning experience as powered by 23 affiliated agencies
  • Preferred and sought-after nurse practitioners by many top local and international hospitals
  • PACU-COA Accredited
  • Recognized by CHED and PRC
  • Equipped with modern amenities
  • Manned by very competent and qualified faculty
  • Affordable tuition fees
The University of Cebu Medical Center



Be a leading provider of accessible and quality nursing education producing globally competent nurses.


The College of Nursing aims to maintain a healthy educational setting which fosters quality performance, satisfaction and life-long through research- based instruction and community extension.

Core Values

Service towards


In consonance with the Instructional Vision, Mission and Goals, the College of Nursing aims to:

  1. To adapt competency standards in instruction, learning resources, and educational services.
  2. To promote leadership among faculty and students in the service of the community.
  3. To foster a pool of highly motivated, competent and compassionate faculty and students in the pursuit of personal and professional development.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

In consonance with the Vision, Mission, Goals and Core Values of the institution and the College, the Bachelor of Science in nursing Program aims to produce graduates who shall:

  1. demonstrate knowledge and skills in client care management in accordance with Nurse’s Code of Ethics and Legal Principles
  2. practice as caring and compassionate clinical, community health, occupational health, private duty and entrepreneurial nurses
  3. integrate research findings to improve client care.

Program Outcomes

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program aims to produce graduates who can:

  1. pass the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam
  2. apply the Nursing Process and accurate Documentation System in the interdisciplinary care of clients
  3. observe the core values, bio-ethical principles and legal awareness cherished by the nursing profession in the care of clients
  4. engage in activities that promote professional and personal development
  5. apply principles of partnership and collaboration to improve delivery of health care services.