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Oral Skills unleashed in Speech Fest

16 October 2017

“In public speaking, one must be confident, complete and creative.” In his rationale, communication coach Gianne Rensen V. Antonio set the standard for his students to achieve in the whole-day affair called Speak SUCcess: The UC Speech Festival 2017 which was held last October 5, 2017 at the University of Cebu, Main Campus Mini-Theater.

Academic contests that aim to promote critical thinking and communicative competence included Business Plan Presentation, Research Report, Persuasive Speech and Debate. While college students’ literary ingenuity and acting proficiency manifested in the events such as Monologue/Soliloquy, Oration, Chamber Theater and Speech Choir.

Television personality and artiste Stella Palomo-Monteno, linguistics professor Ma. Alona Mendoza, public governance guru Dr. Vivian Vizcara, and corporate communication/marketing specialist Dr. Wilfe Besin who served as judges offered valuable inputs in the attempt to improve the collegiate students’ products and performances. The four of them attested to the high degree of preparation and competency exhibited by the contestants and congratulated the University’s English program for producing and inspiring future public speakers.

SUCCESSFUL SPEAKING. University of Cebu’s potential public speakers posed with the critic-evaluators Dr. Wilfe Besin, Dr. Vivian Vizcara, Ms. Stella Monteno and Prof. Ma. Alona Mendoza, with their instructor Prof. Gianne Rensen V. Antonio.


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