Senior High School

Senior High School Department


An exemplary Basic Education Department developing life-long learners and stewards of God’s creation who are committed citizens of the nation and of the world.


To offer quality Pre-school, Grade School, Junior High School and Senior High School Education services in an enabling and supportive learning environment.

Program Objectives (POs)

Cognizant with the institutional vision, mission, goals and outcomes and the K to 12 Program of the Department of Education, the Basic Education Department aims to:

  1. develop communicative competence through personal, academic, social, and civic interactions;
  2. provide knowledge and develop skills, attitudes, and values that foster creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving and calculated risk-taking as responsible citizens; and
  3. offer diversified learning experiences needed for higher education and the world of work.

Senior High School Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) / Desired Graduate Attributes

The Graduates of Senior High School level can:

  1. communicate effectively in the target language through reading and interpreting significant concepts;
  2. gather, analyze data, interpret data, solve and present alternative solutions to problems;
  3. demonstrate knowledge, skills, ethical standards, and personal integrity in a diversified society;
  4. apply the values learned from varied experiences towards responsible citizenship; and
  5. perform skills needed for higher education and in the world of work.