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Admission and Retention Policies

Academic entrance requirements include academic records, NMAT score and personal interview. The University reserves the right not to accept any applicant whose qualifications do not meet the standards and requirements of the program.

  1. REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION FOR NEW STUDENTS. Students seeking admission to the school of medicine must have the following qualifications:
    • 1.1 A holder of any baccalaureate degree granted by an accredited college or university.
    • 1.2 He/she must have taken the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) and have obtained a score above that of CHED minimal requirement.
    • 1.3 Must have a GWA of 2.0 or better.
    • 1.4 Must have no failing grade in his/her baccalaureate degree program.
    • 1.5 Must have taken the IQ and personality tests administered by the Guidance Center.
    • 1.6 Must have passed the personal interview.
  2. METHOD OF APPLICATION. Each applicant must submit, either personally or by mail, the following:
    • 2.1 Accomplished Application form with 2 pcs. 2 X 2colored pictures with white background
    • 2.2 Transcript of records for evaluation of application (official or informative)
    • 2.3 NMAT result
    • 2.4 Two letters of Recommendation from any of the following:
      • Academic Head(s) of the school graduated
      • Professional/Work station head
    • 3.1 The Admissions Committee screens all applicants based on the transcript of records, NMAT score, and interview rating with the following scheme: NMAT-40%, GWA-40% and interview 20%.
    • 3.2 The committee gives their recommendations to the Dean who then makes the final decision.
    • 3.3 The Admissions Committee reserves the right to refuse admission of any applicant who has been dropped from the rolls of any other medical school due to academic deficiency or grave misconduct.
    • 3.4 Foreign applications are processed only if the applicant graduated from a foreign school with diplomatic relations with the Philippines.
    • 3.5 All candidates who have been accepted will be notified through phone or e-mail.
  4. TRANSFER STUDENTS. Transferees are those who wish to enroll in the University after having been enrolled in another medical institution.
    • 4.1 At the time of enrolment, a transferee must submit the following credentials:
      • certificate of transfer credential from the medical school last attended;
      • 2 certificates of good moral character from two professors in the medical school attended;
      • Informative copy of his/her TOR, which includes the descriptive title of the subjects taken, the number of units and the grade earned.
    • 4.2 Any student who has incurred a failing grade in any subject in the previous medical school will be refused admission.
    • 4.3 The school will only allow transferees during the first two years of medical school and only if the curriculum in the previous school are comparable to the existing curriculum.
    • 4.4 The student must have passed the preliminary requirements for new students

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