1. The School of Law observes the TWO-FAILURE RULE (i.e., in bar subjects totaling at least 6 units). In case a law student obtains, for the first time, a failing grade in any bar subject, said law student shall be considered under probation, in which case extra effort shall be exerted by him/her to perform better in his/her studies. In case a law student subsequently obtains a second failing grade in any subject, or simultaneously obtains failing grades in two or more subjects, where the total number of subject units failed, in addition to the previous one, is at least six units, said law student shall be automatically disqualified from further enrollment in the School of Law in the next semester.
    Starting S.Y. 2010-2011, any failure in the first semester of any First Year law student is not included in the coverage of the Two-Failure Rule. A qualified law student returnee or continuing law student shall automatically resume being covered by the Two-Failure Rule, taking into consideration any previously obtained failure beyond the first semestral study. A law student transferee from any school of law shall be immediately covered by the Two-Failure Rule starting in his first semestral study in the School of Law.
  2. The standard passing percentage in any examination, test, or quiz is 75% of the highest possible score.
  3. GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA). The GPA or weighted average is the measure of the quality of a student’s general academic performance for a regular academic term. As such, if a student has satisfied the GPA requirement for a given academic year with two (2) semesters, this would determine those who are honor students or those on the Dean’s list. The GPA of a student is computed by:

    3.1 Multiplying the grade point value on each subject by the number of units in the course; and

    3.2 Adding these products and dividing the result by the total number of units taken during the periodic term or year.
  4. DEAN’S LIST. Honor students on the Dean’s list are awarded every semester based on the GPA. The top three (3) honor students on the list are determined per year level and per program.