Tuition and Fees

All fees are computed on the semester and may be paid in installment or in cash.

  1. INSTALLMENT. After paying the entrance fee, the remaining school fees shall be paid in four (4) equal payments corresponding to the four (4) examination periods.
  2. DISCOUNT ON CASH PAYMENT. There is a 10% discount on tuition excluding non-academic subjects, if paid in full. Deadline for full payment would be posted on the bulletin board.
  3. CHARGING OF FEES FOR WITHDRAWAL OR TRANSFER. A student who withdraws from any course shall be charged as follows:

    Note: Students with dissolved subject/s should withdraw the subject/s before the prelim examination.
  4. NON-PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS. The administration reserves the right to withhold from the law student the issuance of Transcript of Records, Certificate of Transfer Credential, Certification of other records, unless the law student has fully settled his/her financial and/or property obligation with the University.
  5. TUITION. A student who transfers or otherwise withdraws in writing within two (2) weeks after the beginning of class and who has already paid tuition and other school fees in full or for any length longer than one (1) month may be charged with 10% of the total amount due for the term if he/she withdraws within the first week of class, 20% if within the second week of classes the student has actually attended classes. However, if transfer or withdrawal is due to a justifiable reason, the student shall be charged the pertinent fees only up to and including the last month of attendance (Section 66, p. 33, MORPS, English Edition, 1992).