Ranked 10th, 2007 Philippine Bar Examination
Bachelor of Laws – Batch 2007

“If somebody mentions UC School of Law, what instinctively comes into my mind is quality legal education with unparalleled and unprecedented scholarship benefits.  It is, in other words, a very, if not the most, generous law institution, for deserving students who are able to meet the prescribed grades.  Luckily, I was one of those who enjoyed UC Law’s scholarship benefits, but not without having endured the grueling and “do-not-try-this-at-home” habit of studying.

Fervently motivated by the desire to make my parents always happy and proud, in my law days at UC Law, I studied extraordinarily hard, sleeping only at an average time of about four hours a day, and in several instances, getting no sleep during major exams (that’s why, “do not try this at home!”).

All those sleepless nights and sacrifices were not exercises of futility as I graduated with a high note, hurdled the bar examinations and am now being employed in a highly regarded – and largest – law firm.

Such achievements have been made more gratifying (relatively for me) by the fact that I am a mere probinsyano (a humble native of Balingasag, Misamis Oriental, having graduated from Balingasag Elementary School and St. Rita’s College of Balingasag, in elementary and high school, respectively).

That being said, I cannot but consider myself very lucky, and for that I am forever grateful not only to our Almighty God and to my parents, but also to UC Law (and of course, to my law deans and professors).  To bluntly put it, I wouldn’t be where I am today without UC Law.

As a way of giving back, it is my lifetime pledge to continue to be competent and ethical in the practice of law, making sure that I would never resort to unscrupulous acts or legal malpractice, for that matter.”

Ranked 6th, 2013 Philippine Bar Examination
Bachelor of Laws – Batch 2013

“They say a good career starts with one life-changing decision. In my case, it started with two: leaving my previous work to study law, and enrolling at UC School of Law. At that time, I had no idea what law school was like and how different it would be from my undergraduate studies. True enough, after my first week in law school, and seeing my professors’ reading assignment for the following week, I felt I had to radically change my reading and study habits (which, until then, had been effective for me since elementary school).

That first week in law school was really hard for me. But I was able to adjust. About a few weeks and a thousand landmark cases later, I started to appreciate the kind of education and training in UCLaw. Oral recitations became a daily routine. Case digests became necessary additions to my notes. And spending an entire afternoon in the library became a necessity. Thus, as each day was bringing me closer to taking the Bar exams, each day UCLaw was preparing me for it.

Truth be told, when I took the bar exams, I was very confident. I was confident that there would not be a question which I could not answer, and that there would not be a topic which my UCLaw professors had not discussed or covered. So, when I answered the bar questions and felt that the oral recitations by my UCLaw professor were more difficult, I knew I would do well in the Bar! Thanks to the UC School of Law!”

Ranked 5th, 2014 Philippine Bar Examination
Bachelor of Laws – Batch 2014

“They say law school is not for the faint of heart. You will meet many challenges and make many mistakes along the way, and if you’re expecting me to say this is not true, I’m sorry but I have to say that every bit is true.

In fact, it was on my very first day in law school when I realized my first mistake: I realized I was wrong about what I expected about law school, lawyers, and the practice of law in general, and as the days went by, it became increasingly clearer how very wrong I was.

You see, unlike most others, I entered law school not to become a lawyer, but to learn the law and defend myself and my family FROM lawyers. Needless to say, my impression of the legal profession was not in a good light at all.

But my stay in UC changed all that. I met professors with sincere love and passion for teaching about the rule of law, and each with their own advocacies close to their hearts; practitioners with strong regard about ethics and the noble role of the legal profession. I met school administrators who give 101% support, oftentimes even beyond the call of duty, not only for numbers in the Bar Exams, but also, and more importantly for the overall welfare of the student even after graduating.

I believe I was blessed to have enrolled in “the University that cares”. It was that “care” that changed my mindset from cynicism to hope and inspiration—hope for a better tomorrow through better understanding and appreciation of the law and the legal profession, and the inspiration to pay that hope forward by being a dedicated teacher and a good example, just as the UC family has done for me.”

Ranked 17th, 2017 Philippine Bar Examination
Bachelor of Laws – Batch 2017

“University of Cebu School of Law has opened a world of opportunities for me. I have never seen myself excel in anything before, but UC Law saw the potential I never thought I had within me. That is why I would credit whatever I have achieved in law school and in the Bar Exams to the community and family that is UC Law. That is the great thing about UC Law — it brings out the best in you. The professors know how to harness, encourage, and develop the potentials of every student. With UC Law you can learn and explore the different aspects of law study in the midst of a non-discriminating school body and highly-encouraging faculty. UC Law provides a unique and genuine learning atmosphere that is both challenging and reassuring at the same time. You will be driven to give your best to your studies, but in a way that will not drive you out of your wits. Most importantly, UC Law has impressed on me the value of integrity and honesty in the legal profession. Every step of the way, my legal education in UC Law embodied not only a drive for excellence, but also a sense of responsibility to the society. Truly, UC Law provides one of the most exceptional law school education and experience there is.”