Symposium for Student Activities Advisers (SympAct)

November 30, 2020 | written by uc

The University of Cebu – Banilad recently organized the first ever SYMPACT (Symposium for Student Activities Advisers last October 21, 2020.

A total of 115 participants from different college organizations within the University of Cebu attended the event. Organized in response to further educate the Student Organization Advisers on the importance of internationalization and provide strategic ways how internationalization be served as a vital competent towards student organizations’ success.

The SYMPACT was a half day event, graced by competent speakers in the fields of leadership, project management, and internationalization. Talks were divided into plenaries and zoom breakout sessions, where Student Activities Advisers and students can choose from depending on their interest and current contexts.

To end the webinar and to give the participants the idea of FRIENDS project, the IACD MOOC and Digital Storytelling was introduced. Participants shared about their interests and expectations if ever they will take part in the event.

Ultimately, the online symposium challenged student advisers not only to meet students where they are but to walk with the rest of the way: to inspire and form activities leaders, responsible citizens, and transformative change events in the context of internationalization and cultural competence.