University of Cebu Launches FRIENDS Career Fair 2022

June 6, 2022 | written by uc

The University of Cebu (UC) under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Business Development and Innovation conducted the first limited face-to-face career fair for the UC students on June 2 and 3, 2022 at UC Banilad Senior High School Building.

With the Theme “Navigating the National and International Labor Markets Amid the New Normal,” a total of 667 students, composed of FRIENDS IACD MOOD graduates and non-IACD MOOC graduates, graced the event to meet and interact with 34 national and multinational companies from different industries.

Dean Ofelia G. Maña the Vice Chancellor for Business Development and Innovation, saw the importance of holding the event. She valued the university’s partnership with industries in preparing the students for current and future employment opportunities. She also encouraged the college academic deans and department heads for their participation. She stressed that the FRIENDS Career Fair was actually on offshoot of the shift by the work ecosystem and global economy to accommodate the impact of the global pandemic, and the system of industries have been challenged. It is in this context that employment is likewise affected by having imbalance of supply of workers and the demand of businesses.

Even if the graduating students had probably felt the feeling of loss, demotivation, and uncertainty due to the pandemic, the university highlighted the timely need of the FRIENDS IACD MOOC. With the IACD MOOC, the university looks forward to its graduates being able to find meaningful and purposive careers, dreams, and expectations with their UC graduate attributes intact.

Furthermore, UC also organized a webinar for the expected attendees of the career fair. The webinar provided tips and advice to the participants on how to traverse the rough path ahead to employment, which include improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills that employers believe will grow prominence in the coming years. The webinar also provided the participants the knowledge of the Philippines’ basic labor laws and tips in making a resume and acing an interview.

All of the participants surely enjoyed the FRIENDS Career Fair. They participated not only in the job hunting proper but also in the photo booth and freedom wall where they expressed themselves.