PLEDGE of Academic and Professional Integrity

The practice of the art and science of medicine must be based on reverence for dignity of human life, compassion and respect for the patient, including his beliefs and values as well as competence and integrity of medical professional.

As part UC SCHOOL OF MEDICINE family I believe that professional maturity, honor, and integrity are essential qualities of an ideal medical professional who upholds by high ethical standards.

I, therefore, shall act illustriously and with integrity in my pursuit of the M.D. degree. Accountability and responsibility are necessary to uphold uprightness and righteousness. Academic honesty which includes correct representation of oneself, being trustworthy and being fair to everybody should be of paramount importance. It is to be remembered that cheating, lying and stealing are never tolerated at all times.

I shall uphold the value of compassion by showing concern, sympathy and respect for the human person.

I shall commit to doing the best that is demanded of me as will be shown in my duty to my country and my community to my family, friends, colleagues, and ultimately to my patients.

I shall commit not only to learn new knowledge to the best that I can but share knowledge to others and contribute to the advancement of medical science as a whole.

I shall uphold my sense of professionalism which is stems from maturity and requires me to be reflective and mindful in all that I do.

I shall commit to giving due respect to authority and forever be grateful to my alma mater and my mentors who will help me attain my dream of becoming a physician.

I shall dedicate myself honorably in my pursuit to attain the best medical knowledge and optimal skills in patient care to make me an ideal physician… one who is a health care provider, leader, educator, researcher and social mobilizer,

I shall therefore be DRIVEN TO EXCEL AND SERVE