Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts


The College of Liberal Arts envisions to produce outstanding professionals engaged in the arts, the humanities, and research in a multicultural environment.


The College of Liberal Arts is committed to provide effective educational instructions, creative learning activities, relevant research projects, and meaningful outreach and service programs that will produce graduates responsive to the demands of the local and global communities.

Core Values

These are the core values that the College of Liberal Arts believes in:

  • Accountability to quality education
  • Respect for one’s culture and background
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Social responsibility

In consonance with the university’s vision and mission, the College of Liberal Arts aims to:

  • promote a dynamic liberal arts education that exceeds expected learning outcomes;
  • foster an environment that promotes superior learning experiences through pedagogical approaches and creative work;
  • nurture a culture of discovery through scientific inquiry and research; and
  • instill social responsibility through active involvement in community outreach programs.


The College of Liberal Arts major in Industrial Psychology will produce graduates who are equipped with solid foundation in the major areas of Psychology and who can be:

  • Human Resource Development
  • Practitioners
  • Professional Teachers
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Psychometricians
  • Researchers
  • Trainers
  • Social Workers

The University of Cebu Main Campus

What was then called the Cebu College of Commerce, then later renamed Cebu Central Colleges (CCC). Starting with a handful of enrollees, the college was established on April 1, 1964.
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